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Factory-built Fireplaces

A factory-built fireplace is actually a firebox enclosed within a steel cabinet. A blanket of insulating air keeps the outer wall cool, land spacers surrounding the cabinet allow it to be installed in close proximity to the wood framing (hence the name “zero-clearance fireplace”). They pass rigorous testing standards established by authorized laboratories and have an excellent safety record. Factory-built fireplaces are surprisingly inexpensive. They use a safe, lightweight chimney and do not need any additional footing or other structural support. Because they have fewer limitations than site-built masonry fireplaces, they can be easily and safely installed in almost any room. Factory-built fireplaces are available in a range of sizes, and can be open on one, two-sides, three-sides, or four-sides. Brick, stone, marble and other facing materials can be combined or a mantel to suit your décor.

Freestanding Stoves

A freestanding stove gives you the ability to incorporate virtually any style into your home décor, whether inside or as part of your outdoor living room. The most versatile hearth product, stoves are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles. They are made of steel, stone or cast iron and finishes include porcelain enamel and high temperature paint in an array of colours. Freestanding stoves burn wood, gas, or pellets and use ceramic glass to provide fire viewing. They are generally used to heat a specific room or zone of the house. Stoves are very efficient and control of the fire, heat output, burn times and installation options are almost endless. The gentle waves of radiant heat will make your home cozy on the coldest winter day.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are heating units that retrofit into an existing fireplace (masonry or factory-built). They burn wood, gas or pellets and offer superior efficiency. Fireplace inserts utilize the existing chimney, though a flue liner or other modification may be necessary. Most have blowers to circulate the heat. Inserts are used to change an existing non-efficient fireplace into an efficient, heat producing zone heat.